7:00pm until MIDNIGHT.
It is a sustainable FASHION SHOW in which every penny of the proceeds goes to VICTORY GARDENS +
The idea of the event is to promote re-used, recycled, and sustainable fashions which highlighting the intersections to our food systems, music, the arts, and the environment. It is an effort to create awareness about issues in our environment while helping to reverse the damage through the Victory Gardens + project. This is our own take on "thinking globally" but acting locally in a tangible way.


Why We Chose Victory Gardens+

Zoe and I chose Garden for the Environment's Victory Garden+ as the beneficiary for our event because we believe that real change starts close to home. We love the idea of supporting a local network of urban food producers and gardeners in San Francisco and the intrinsic connections to fashion, art, and music as a requirement to us as consumers. Urban sustainability and self-sufficiency are remedies to our environmental and social problems so we believe that the Victory Gardens+ program is our ticket there.
Sf's Victory Gardens+ program is more than just a throwback to the World War II era government sponsored program. The victory gardens of the 1940's produced 40% of America's non-military produce in over 23 million gardens on public and private land. These gardens lessened the burden of food production and conserved fuel reserved for America's military use. The Victory Garden + program gives Victory a more contemporary focus, it now refers to independence from industrial food systems, community involvement and action, and getting people closer to and more involved with environmental and social issues.
Victory Gardens+ is a pilot program aimed to support the transition of "backyards, front yards, window boxes, rooftops and unused land into food production areas" and all our profits will help sustain the existing gardens as well as installing future gardens!
Audrey and Zoe

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