7:00pm until MIDNIGHT.
It is a sustainable FASHION SHOW in which every penny of the proceeds goes to VICTORY GARDENS +
The idea of the event is to promote re-used, recycled, and sustainable fashions which highlighting the intersections to our food systems, music, the arts, and the environment. It is an effort to create awareness about issues in our environment while helping to reverse the damage through the Victory Gardens + project. This is our own take on "thinking globally" but acting locally in a tangible way.


Dear Prospective designers,

Dear prospective BEEN THERE DONE THAT Benefit Fashion Show designers,

Thank you so much for showing an interest in Been There Done That fashion show. We are excited to see what all you creative folks have been up to! Now is your chance to finalize your ideas and get them to us! Email either one of us if you have questions or would like to participate.
We are now requiring anyone interested in creating a design for the show to submit an application/design proposal.

We will post a simple information section and design section to be filled out by you on this site and facebook group page. The due date for your applications has yet to be decided, but please if you have an idea get it to us soon!
Your applications and designs will we considered by our style committee and you will hear back from us soon after!

Thank you so much for your designs!
We will send the application very soon.

Much much love,
Zoe and Audrey

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